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LockRite's Broadstone Locksmith is an expert in lock repairs and replacements for both commercial and domestic clients. Our focus on customer service and value for money makes us the number one choice for major companies and home owners alike.

We cover Broadstone and the surrounding areas and are on-call 24 hours a day for all types of locksmith work, from burglary repairs, to lock-outs. We aim to get to you within 30 minutes, and we're available 24 hours a day.

All our work is guaranteed with a 12 month manufacturers warranty on all parts and 90 days guarantee on all workmanship.

Call 01202 057312 for a free, no obligation quote or click here to make an online enquiry.

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Lock Changes & Replacements
Locks and Keys

Our professional locksmiths carry a wide range of replacement locks and cylinders which means we can usually effect repairs and replacements in one visit, saving you time and money.

Gain Entry
Letter Box Opener

We have been trained to gain entry using the latest non-destructive techniques & equipment.

So, if you've misplaced your keys or find you're locked out, then we can get you back in without unnecessary damage to your property. Also, because we're local to you, we can usually get there within 30 - 60 minutes.

Repair Services
Repair Services

If your house has been broken into, more often than not there will be damage where the burglar has forced entry. In these cases there is an urgent need to make the premises secure.

Security Surveys
Home Security Surveys

Is your home secure? If you're in any doubt at all, why not book a security survey? Simply call 01202 057312 and we'll be happy to help!

Emergency Entry
Letterbox Opener

If you've misplaced your keys or find you're locked out, then we can get you back in without unnecessary damage to your property. Also, because we're local to you, we can usually get there within 30 - 60 minutes.

uPVC Doors and Locks
uPVC Door Lock

Specialists in uPVC multi-point door locks and mechanisms, we carry all the necessary spares to repair over 95% of common uPVC door & lock problems on the spot, within an hour!

British Standard
British Standard Kite Mark

When it comes to your security, quality speaks volumes. We are able to offer British Standard, insurance approved mechanisms and all parts come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty as standard.

Mobile Key Cutting
Mobile Key Cutting

LockRite vans are equipped with key-cutting equipment and a wide range of common household and commercial key blanks. So, extra keys for the office or family can be supplied on the spot at a fraction of the usual cost.

Commercial Work
Commercial Work

We provide a full range of commercial services, from simple lock replacement to master key and access systems. We also provide reliable locksmith attendance for bailiffs and warrant work.

Broadstone Locksmith News

Home Security Comprised By Low Grade Key Safes

Key safes are becoming a common place accessory, especially for home help environments where 24 hour access by different services is required. However, low security key safes need to be secured properly, as otherwise they can offer an attractive prospect to opportunists and burglars.

The first step is positioning key safes in locations which are accessible, but are difficult to get tools to reach. Otherwise, a burglar may be able to simply use a hacksaw or crowbar to get inside your safe.

The C500 police approved key safe provides a strong solution. The safe is as tough to break into as a front door though it needs to be installed into concrete in order to get accreditation. Key safes are often attached into powdery mortar, and this leaves them ready to be pulled away with ease. Make sure that any key safe is installed securely into sound brick or concrete with sufficient length screws and sound anchoring.

LockRite Locksmiths Broadstone are experienced in the supply of quality key safes and providing practical advice on the use and installation of these devices. When correctly installed, they can prove secure and reliable for many home help applications in addition to rented properties for key handover.

Give LockRite Locksmiths Broadstone a call on 01202 057312.

(Example of a C500 digital key safe -?Image Aldridge Security)

Bad Key Copies Causing Costly Lock Failures

Flat owners are frequently calling locksmiths to gain entry where euro cylinders are breaking. This is either locking owners out or, in cases where locks are keyed on the inside, trapping occupants inside. The latter scenario can be particularly hazardous for flat owners, especially if they are above ground floor with only a single means of exit.

The common cause of these situations is the usage of undersized or non original key copies: they can turn the cylinders but not the unlocking cam, which can mis-align the lock and leave it unusable. Tenants, landlords and flat owners should make sure that any key copies are original copies, correctly sized and work perfectly in the lock without the need to lift, pull or push the key to make it work.

You should turn to LockRite Broadstone for your key copies. We?offer the Evva EPS on a restricted profile; this eliminates potential issues with bad key copies and improves the security of locks to make sure unauthorised copies don?t end up in the wrong hands.

Make sure to give us a call on 01202 057312.

How To Protect Your Valuables For Free

Getting burgled can be an incredibly emotionally distressing experience, especially when valuable or sentimental belongings are lost. Immobilise is a free online service,?fully supported by the police (via the?Secured by Design?initiative),?in association with the National Mobile Property Register (NMPR). Subscribers can register their valuables with the database and add photos, descriptions etc. so that in the case of their property being stolen and then found by Police, it can easily be returned to them. With almost 30,000,000 items registered it is the world?s largest free property register and is used by all 43 Police forces in the UK. It can also help greatly with insurance claims and crime reports as you have a way to show exactly what was taken and the preventative measures you had in place.

You can register for free with the Immobilise service at?www.immobilise.com.


Thieves Targeting Houses With Locksmith Stickers

Thieves are using stickers advertising a fictitious local locksmith company to mark homes which are an 'easy target'. The criminals carry out a preliminary reconnaissance on the area and mark houses which are deemed as having poor security measures in place. They later return to break into the houses which have already been marked as targets. The authorities are advising residents to remove the stickers immediately if they see any on their doors or windows.

Is your home secure? Call us today on 01202 057312 to arrange a security check on your premises.

You can read more about this story at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-24994148

Why You Should Choose LockRite When Looking For a Locksmith in Broadstone

There are several good reasons why you should consider choosing LockRite when looking for a locksmith in Broadstone.

  • All our locksmiths are DBS checked which means they do not have a hidden criminal past.

  • The price quoted is the price you pay. We do not artificially inflate prices on the doorstep like some unscrupulous locksmith companies.

  • LockRite is a national and trusted brand but all our locksmiths are self employed individuals who live within, or close to, your area. By choosing LockRite you are choosing to support local business, keeping money within your local economy.

  • If it is an emergency we can usually be on our way to you immediately and we will show up (unlike some companies who say they will but don't, wasting your time).

Call us now on 01202 057312 for a free, no obligation quote.

Get Your Locks Serviced before They Fail!

It has been a great summer but avoid costly repairs and get your locks serviced before they get jammed or fail The extreme weather variations this year from the icy winter and snow through to the glorious summer heatwave has caused many problems with all types of doors and windows. UPVC frames contracted in the winter and expanded in the summer, many have drifted out of alignment with bolts and rollers rubbing and hinges sagging. These doors urgently need re-aligning before the mechanisms fatigue and break or worse they fail when the door is locked with costly effort to open and repair. Get Alan from Lockrite to survey problem doors and provide practical service, alignment and repair. Workmanship is guaranteed providing the reassurance your doors will offer trouble free operation through future seasonal extremes.

Garage Thefts on the Increase

Garage thefts were highly common last year with opportunists regularly climbing over garden walls and seeking unlocked garages or doors with easy access. Don?t be a victim this year in the lead up to Christmas. Get your garage door security upgraded in line with your house. Side doors can be fitted with 5 lever mortice locks providing solid reliable insurance approved locking. Up and over doors can be fitted with secondary bolt locks or ground anchored bull bars to prevent forced entry. Alan from Lockrite can provide a free inspection and provide economic practical solutions to secure your stores, garages and outbuildings. Your insurance company will be pleased to hear and may even lower your premium, leaving more money to fill the garage with more unwanted gifts! Just call 01202 057312 to book your free, no obligation inspection.

Recent Thefts From Residential Garages

A recent spate of thefts in the Littledown area has seen prized positions stolen from residential garages. Make sure your garage is not the next to be burgled with secondary security fitted for Garage doors, especially when you?re away on holiday.

Ground secured bars supplied and installed for just ?99.00 all inclusive of locks, labour and VAT.

Call your local Broadstone Locksmith now on 01202 057312

uPVC Door Mechanisms

Often, the weakest link in UPVC door mechanisms are the Lock cylinders themselves. Multipoint locks may have numerous hooks, multiple bolts and many rollers but if the key cylinder can be easily compromised then the door is vulnerable to break-in. Get Alan from Lockrite locksmiths to check your lock cylinder meets expectations to prevent opportunists from bumping, snapping or picking your locks and let your insurers know you have the right locks in place which may help reduce your premiums. Call now on 01202 057312

Heat Wave Causing Problems With UPVC Door Mechanisms

The heat wave is proving problematic with UPVC door mechanisms and hinges where doors are slipping out of alignment and causing damaging stress to locking mechanisms.

Alan at Lockrite has been repairing and aligning all makes and models of UPVC lock mechanisms to ensure your locks wont jam or fail and avoid costly replacement. Get LockRite Broadstone to re-align your door through hinge adjustment, reposition misplaced keeps and align latch settings for problem free UPVC door operation and improved weather seal.

Keeping Residents In and Intruders Out

Alan from Lockrite quotes I am being increasingly asked by care homes to find innovative ways of keeping residents in and intruders out. This week we fitted the Borg 6100, a Mechanical and Keyless UPVC Handle Combination, to a prominent care home in Bournemouth. Allowing the care home managers to let visitors in through the use of a simple 5 button keypad on the inside of the door and a split spindle arrangement for locking handle on the outside. Special UPVC lock adaptations allow the lock to be overridden by key in emergency or if code is lost?. Care Home Manager explained the benefits: this system provides reliable access control without having to carry different keys about or issuing them to staff and we can relax in the knowledge that our residents are safe and won?t go wandering off an excellent solution, thankyou.

Tips For Choosing a Locksmith in Broadstone

There are many factors to consider when choosing a locksmith in Broadstone. Our checklist below should help you when making a decision.

  • Check the locksmith is DBS (CRB) checked. This will reveal whether they have a hidden criminal past. You need someone you can trust working with your home security, so if they do not have a clean DBS (CRB) check walk away.

  • Check the price quoted is what you will pay. Many locksmiths will quote one price on the phone only to bump the price up dramatically once the work has been undertaken. Make sure you know what you will be paying before work commences and sign something agreeing to the charges.

  • Make sure you are happy with what the locksmith says regarding your home security and don't be pressurised into an expensive upsell. Not all locks are equal, and some cheaper locks do not provide adequate security for home insurance purposes so make sure if you're having new locks installed they are right for you.

  • Always use a trusted locksmith with a decent reputation and accountability. There are many rogue traders who just want to rip customers off. Check their websites for testimonials and guarantees. If anything looks or feels dodgy, walk away and find another locksmith.

  • Call their advertised number and see how long it takes them to answer. If calls are left ringing with no answer or diverts to voicemail numerous times it could indicate they will be difficult to get hold of if there is a problem with their work. Use a locksmith who answers their phone!

Hopefully this checklist will help you to choose the best Broadstone locksmith for your needs. All LockRite locksmiths are DBS (CRB) checked and will always confirm the price you will pay before commencing any work. Call 01202 057312 now for a free, no obligation quote.

Van Drivers At Risk Of Theft

Many of Britain?s van drivers could be putting themselves at risk of theft without the correct level of insurance cover according to a survey by a leading insurance comparison website.

Approximately 65% of van owners surveyed, which included many small businesses, said they used their vans to transport tools, goods or equipment and over half of those surveyed said they left items in their vehicles overnight.

Approximately 10% of those surveyed also admitted to selecting the 'social only' insurance level to reduce insurance costs which would not be adequate for a business/commercial insurance claim.

Van drivers put their vehicles at risk of theft

Give Yourself Some Peace Of Mind With Home Security Systems

Be sure your expensive belongings are not visible from the home's exterior. Large windows let in a lot of light, but they also allow outsiders to see inside your living space. If your windows face a street, be sure they're always covered and have your valuables safe. Never let a stranger inside. Be wary of those who come to your door selling products, asking for help, or telling sob stories. There are people that just want to go into your home to see if you've got a type of home security system, and if they see that you don't, they'll return when you're not home. Keep your car in your garage. Having the car in the garage will prevent it from getting broken into or stolen. Additionally, if your car is put away, burglars will not be able to tell whether or not you are home. Do not keep the code on a electronic garage door opener. The code that comes with the unit is the same for every unit sold. This means a thief can just pick up a garage door opener for your model of garage door and open it right up if you haven't changed the code.

Home Security Advice & Tips

What does safety mean to you? It should mean knowing all you can about home security. It is important to ensure your valuables and loved ones are safe when in your residence. Locksmith If you are moving into a new home, the first thing you should do to make your home more secure is to change the locks. You do not have to change the actual locks, a locksmith can re-key the locks to make them inaccessible with any of the previous keys. To avoid being accidentally locked out of their own home, some people like to hide a key to their house in various outside places, such as under a flower pot, under the welcome mat or inside a fake rock in their landscaping. If you are guilty of this behaviour, stop immediately! Numerous home invasions occur because the intruder searched for a hidden key and found it. It will be less costly to call a locksmith than it is to replace your stolen valuables. Locks Keep your windows locked. It seems like an obvious step to take, however many people simply forget to check the locks on their windows. Thieves are always looking for the easiest way into a home, and doors and windows are among the first entrance points they check. This includes screened windows too, as screens can pop off quite easily. If you let any service or delivery people into your home, make sure you check your window locks. Unscrupulous workers will sometimes use a legitimate job to "case" a home, leaving a back window unlocked for easy entry when they return later. Do a quick check after anyone you don't know well has had access. Your home is your castle, but it will be nothing more than a pit of despair if you don't protect it and what resides inside. This article has given you the knowledge you need, but it is up to you to implement it. Start today and rest well tonight, tomorrow and into the future.

Identifying Different Types of Door Lock

When calling a locksmith it is important to know what type of lock needs fixing or replacing. Use our visual guide below to?identify your particular lock type.

Wood Door

Wood Door Locks - Rim Cylinder, Mortice Sash Lock, Mortice Dead Bolt

uPVC Door

UPVC Door Locks - Euro Cylinder, Thumb Turn Cylinder

Aluminium Door

Aluminium Door Locks - Screw in Rim Cylinder, Oval Cylinder, Euro Cylinder

25% Of All Vehicle Thefts Now Involve The Use Of A Key

The latest UK crime statistics show an alarming rise in vehicle thefts involving the use of a key with 25 percent of all stolen vehicles now being taken with the original key or a cloned copy. It is important to lock your car, even when kept in a garage, and ensure your car keys are kept out of sight from the opportunist thief as a car which is stolen with the use of a key is unlikely to be covered in the event of an insurance claim.

Home Security in Autumn

As autumn approaches and the temperatures start to drop the nights start closing in. Unfortunately darker evenings mean more opportunities for burglars so it's essential to look at your home security and make sure it's up to the job. Anti snap locks, deadbolts and window locks will help to prevent most opportunist thieves and security lighting will deter intruders.

If you are unsure how secure your home is, call your local LockRite Broadstone locksmith today on 01202 057312 to arrange a home security survey.

Home Security in the Summer Months

As summer approaches and the days get warmer it is natural to leave windows open and doors ajar to keep homes cooler. Unfortunately this can be an open invitation to the "sneak-in" opportunist burglar who will take advantage of open doors and windows and make off with small, expensive items such as mobile phones and laptops, or even a set of house keys to return later when the house is empty or everyone is asleep.

If a burglary takes place without any visible signs of forced entry it can invalidate insurance claims, so it is important to remain security concious in the summer. One way to help prevent "sneak-in" burglaries is to install door security chains and window restrictors. This allows doors and windows to be left open slightly while offering enough security to deter an opportunist thief.

Call your local Broadstone locksmith on 01202 057312 today to discuss your home security needs.

New Home? Get Your Locks Changed!

Do you know how many sets of keys are in circulation to your new home? How many generations of people have lived there? Do they still have keys? Do you trust they will never return or pass on those keys?

Don't take any chances, change your locks today! We can supply and fit brand new front and rear locks at a very reasonable price. Call now for a free, no obligation quote.

Why You Should Choose LockRite Locksmiths in Broadstone

When it comes to something as sensitive as securing your property you need to be 100% sure you can trust the person doing the job,?so when it comes to choosing a locksmith in Broadstone you probably can't do better than choosing LockRite, and here's why:

  • We are a nationally recognised and respected brand with a local locksmith who lives in, or near Broadstone and in most cases,?can be with you within 30-60 minutes.
  • Our local Broadstone locksmith is fully trained in the latest non destructive entry techniques, is CRB (Criminal Records Bureau)?checked and always carries photo ID so you know when you book a LockRite locksmith you are booking a trustworthy professional.
  • All work is 100% guaranteed with 12 months guarantee on all parts and 90 days guarantee on all workmanship.
  • Call us now on 01202 057312 for a competitive quote and peace of mind you are dealing with a company that cares about your security.

Check Burglary Statistics in Broadstone

Home security is always worth considering, and even more so if you happen to live in an area which is prone to crime. The website www.police.uk has an online, interactive map which shows you crime and burglary levels in your area.

Click here to view crime and burglary statistics for Broadstone

Broadstone Mobile Locksmith - We Come To You!

No matter what the problem, whether you are locked in or locked out, if you need your locks changed or re-keyed or if you just need new keys cut, we come to you. We can be with you within 30 minutes* and all work is fully guaranteed with 12 months on parts and 90 days on all labour.

Don't risk your hard earned cash on a cheap locksmith with no accountability as many of these use questionable sales tactics and cheap, sub-standard parts. Choose LockRite and get it done 'Rite' first time!

Call 01202 057312 now

Lock Snapping on 'The One Show'

The dangers of lock snapping were recently discussed on the One Show (7th March 2012) and the advice is to ensure the locks on your uPVC doors are designed to withstand this kind of forced entry.

Lock snapping is a technique used by burglars where uPVC locks are literally snapped in half allowing quick access to your property. Unfortunately this type of forced entry is becoming more and more commonplace, and many homes with uPVC doors in the?Broadstone area?are susceptible to this kind of attack unless the locks have been upgraded with anti-snap cylinders.

We can provide anti-snap, anti-bump and anti-pick locks for your doors. Call us now on 01202 057312 for a free, no obligation quote.

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Privacy Policy
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Why Choose LockRite Locksmiths?

When it comes to something as sensitive as securing your property you need to be 100% sure you can trust the person doing the job.

LockRite is Different



Locksmith Services

specialised lock opening

Emergency Entry

All our locksmiths are trained at our modern, in-house, City & Guilds training facility to gain entry using the latest non-destructive techniques & equipment.

So, if you've misplaced your keys or find you're locked out, then we can get you back in without unnecessary damage to your property. Also, because we're local to you, we can usually get there within 30 - 60 minutes.

damaged door

Repair Services

If your house has been broken into, more often than not there will be damage where the burglar has forced entry. In these cases there is an urgent need to make the premises secure.

LockRite can be on the scene within 20-40 minutes (in a majority of cases) to make the necessary repairs and change locks if needed.

Replacement locks & keys

Replacement Locks and Keys

Our locksmiths carry a wide range of replacement locks and cylinders which means we can usually effect repairs and replacements in one visit, saving you time and money.


British Standard Kite Mark

British Standard

When it comes to your security, quality speaks volumes. We are able to offer British Standard, insurance approved mechanisms and all parts come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty as standard.



uPVC Doors and Locks

uPVC Doors and Locks

Specialists in uPVC multi-point door locks and mechanisms, we carry all the necessary spares to repair over 95% of common uPVC door & lock problems on the spot, within an hour!


Mobile key cutting

Mobile Key Cutting

LockRite vans are equipped with key-cutting equipment and a wide range of common household and commercial key blanks. So, extra keys for the office or family can be supplied on the spot at a fraction of the usual cost.


Commercial Work

Commercial Work

We provide a full range of commercial services, from simple lock replacement to master key and access systems. We also provide reliable locksmith attendance for bailiffs and warrant work.


Home Security Survey

Security Surveys

Is your home secure? If you're in any doubt at all, why not book a security survey? Simply call 0800 0612 677 and we'll be happy to help!



Our Guarantee

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at LockRite

All our work is guaranteed with a 12 month manufacturers warranty on all parts and 90 days guarantee on all workmanship
and our customer service team is available 24/7 to discuss any queries on 0800 0612 677.



UK Locksmith Coverage

We have local locksmiths in the following areas throughout the UK:

All our locksmiths are self employed individuals working within your locality. By choosing LockRite you are choosing to support local business.

Locksmith Abbey Hey - Locksmith Abbey Wood - Locksmith Abbeydale - Locksmith Abbots Langley - Locksmith Aberaeron - Locksmith Abercarn - Locksmith Aberdare - Locksmith Aberdeen - Locksmith Aberdovey - Locksmith Abergavenny - Locksmith Abergele - Locksmith Aberlour - Locksmith Abernyte - Locksmith Abertillery - Locksmith Aberystwyth - Locksmith Abingdon - Locksmith Aboyne - Locksmith Accrington - Locksmith Ackleton - Locksmith Acocks Green - Locksmith Acton - Locksmith Acton (W3) - Locksmith Addlestone - Locksmith Aigburth - Locksmith Aintree - Locksmith Airdrie - Locksmith Albrighton - Locksmith Alcester - Locksmith Aldeburgh - Locksmith Aldermaston - Locksmith Aldershot - Locksmith Aldgate - Locksmith Aldridge - Locksmith Alexandria - Locksmith Alford - Locksmith Alford (AB33) - Locksmith Alfreton - Locksmith Allerton - Locksmith Alloa - Locksmith Almondsbury - Locksmith Alnwick - Locksmith Alperton (HA0) - Locksmith Alresford - Locksmith Alsager - Locksmith Alston - Locksmith Alton - Locksmith Altrincham - Locksmith Alva - Locksmith Alvechurch - Locksmith Alverley - Locksmith Alveston - Locksmith Alyth - Locksmith Amblecote - Locksmith Ambleside - Locksmith Amersham - Locksmith Amesbury - Locksmith Ammanford - Locksmith Amulree - Locksmith Ancoats - Locksmith Andover - Locksmith Anerley - Locksmith Anfield - Locksmith Angus - Locksmith Anstruther - Locksmith Appleby-in-Westmorland - Locksmith Arbourthorne - Locksmith Arbroath - Locksmith Ardler - Locksmith Ardossan - Locksmith Ardrossan - Locksmith Ardwick - Locksmith Arkholme - Locksmith Arlesey - Locksmith Armadale - Locksmith Armathwaite - Locksmith Armley - Locksmith Arnold - Locksmith Arnside - Locksmith Arthog - Locksmith Arundel - Locksmith Ascot - Locksmith Ashbourne - Locksmith Ashburton - Locksmith Ashby-de-la-Zouch - Locksmith Ashford - Locksmith Ashford (TW15) - Locksmith Ashington - Locksmith Ashover - Locksmith Ashtead - Locksmith Ashton under Lyne - Locksmith Ashton-in-makerfield - Locksmith Ashton-under-lyne - Locksmith Askam-in-Furness - Locksmith Aspatria - Locksmith Aspull - Locksmith Aston - Locksmith Aston, B6 - Locksmith Atherstone - Locksmith Atherton - Locksmith Attercliffe - Locksmith Attleborough - Locksmith Auchinleck - Locksmith Avonmouth - Locksmith Axbridge - Locksmith Axminster - Locksmith Aylesbury - Locksmith Aylesford - Locksmith Ayr -
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Locksmith Dagenham - Locksmith Daisy Bank - Locksmith Dalkeith - Locksmith Dalry - Locksmith Dalrymple - Locksmith Dalston - Locksmith Dalton-in-Furness - Locksmith Danbury - Locksmith Darlaston - Locksmith Darlington - Locksmith Darnley (G53) - Locksmith Dartford - Locksmith Dartmouth - Locksmith Darvel - Locksmith Darwen - Locksmith Davenham - Locksmith Daventry - Locksmith Dawlish - Locksmith Deal - Locksmith Deanshanger - Locksmith Deddington - Locksmith Deepcar - Locksmith Deeside - Locksmith Delabole - Locksmith Denbigh - Locksmith Denny - Locksmith Deptford - Locksmith Derby - Locksmith Dereham - Locksmith Devizes - Locksmith Dewsbury - Locksmith Dibden - Locksmith Didcot - Locksmith Didsbury - Locksmith Digbeth - Locksmith Dinas Powys - Locksmith Dinnington - Locksmith Disley - Locksmith Diss - Locksmith Ditton Proirs - Locksmith Doddington Park - Locksmith Dolgellau - Locksmith Dollar - Locksmith Dollis Hill - Locksmith Doncaster - Locksmith Dorchester - Locksmith Dore - Locksmith Dorking - Locksmith Douglas - Locksmith Doune - Locksmith Dover - Locksmith Downend - Locksmith Downfield - Locksmith Downham Market - Locksmith Dreghorn - Locksmith Driffield - Locksmith Droitwich - Locksmith Dronfield - Locksmith Droylsden - Locksmith Drybrook - Locksmith Dudley - Locksmith Dukinfield - Locksmith Dulverton - Locksmith Dulwich - Locksmith Dumbarton - Locksmith Dunbar - Locksmith Dunblane - Locksmith Dunchurch - Locksmith Dundee - Locksmith Dunfermline - Locksmith Dunino - Locksmith Dunkeld - Locksmith Dunmow - Locksmith Duns - Locksmith Dunstable - Locksmith Durham - Locksmith Durley - Locksmith Durrington - Locksmith Dursley - Locksmith Dymock -
Locksmith Ealing - Locksmith Earleswood - Locksmith Earley - Locksmith Earls Court - Locksmith Earlston - Locksmith East Boldon - Locksmith East Central London - Locksmith East Dulwich - Locksmith East Finchley - Locksmith East Grinstead - Locksmith East Ham - Locksmith East Howe - Locksmith East Kilbride - Locksmith East Linton - Locksmith East London - Locksmith East Lothian - Locksmith Eastbourne - Locksmith Eastleigh - Locksmith Easton - Locksmith Ebbw Vale - Locksmith Ecclesall - Locksmith Ecclesfield - Locksmith Eccleshall - Locksmith Eckington - Locksmith Edenbridge - Locksmith Edenfield - Locksmith Edgbaston - Locksmith Edgware - Locksmith Edinburgh - Locksmith Edlesborough - Locksmith Edmonton - Locksmith Edwinstowe - Locksmith Egham - Locksmith Egremont - Locksmith Elland - Locksmith Ellesmere - Locksmith Ellesmere Port - Locksmith Ellon - Locksmith Elstree - Locksmith Eltham - Locksmith Elwood - Locksmith Ely - Locksmith Emlyn - Locksmith Emsworth - Locksmith Endon - Locksmith Enfield - Locksmith Ennerdale Bridge - Locksmith Enville - Locksmith Epping - Locksmith Epsom - Locksmith Erdington - Locksmith Erith - Locksmith Erskine - Locksmith Esher - Locksmith Essington - Locksmith Etchingham - Locksmith Everton - Locksmith Evesham - Locksmith Evington - Locksmith Exeter - Locksmith Exhall - Locksmith Exminster - Locksmith Exmouth - Locksmith Eye - Locksmith Eyemouth -
Locksmith Failsworth - Locksmith Fair Oak - Locksmith Fairbourne - Locksmith Fairlie - Locksmith Fakenham - Locksmith Falkirk - Locksmith Falkland - Locksmith Falmouth - Locksmith Fareham - Locksmith Faringdon - Locksmith Farnborough - Locksmith Farnham - Locksmith Faversham - Locksmith Fawley - Locksmith Fazakerley - Locksmith Fazeley - Locksmith Featherstone - Locksmith Feckenham - Locksmith Felixstowe - Locksmith Feltham - Locksmith Fenham - Locksmith Fenton - Locksmith Ferndale - Locksmith Ferndown - Locksmith Ferring - Locksmith Ferryhill - Locksmith Ferryside - Locksmith Fife - Locksmith Filey - Locksmith Finchley - Locksmith Finsbury Park - Locksmith Fintry - Locksmith Firth Park - Locksmith Fishguard - Locksmith Fiskerton - Locksmith Fleet - Locksmith Fleetwood - Locksmith Folkestone - Locksmith Fordingbridge - Locksmith Forest Gate - Locksmith Forest Hill - Locksmith Forest Row - Locksmith Forfar - Locksmith Four Oaks - Locksmith Fowey - Locksmith Franche - Locksmith Frankley - Locksmith Frant - Locksmith Fraserburgh - Locksmith Freshwater - Locksmith Freuchie - Locksmith Frinton-on-sea - Locksmith Friockheim - Locksmith Frittenden - Locksmith Frizington - Locksmith Frodsham - Locksmith Frome - Locksmith Fulbourn - Locksmith Fulham - Locksmith Full Sutton - Locksmith Fulwood -
Locksmith Gainsborough - Locksmith Galashiels - Locksmith Galston - Locksmith Garforth - Locksmith Garrigill - Locksmith Gateshead - Locksmith Gateside - Locksmith Gatwick - Locksmith Gauldry - Locksmith Gedling Village - Locksmith Gillingham - Locksmith Gillingham (Dorset) - Locksmith Gilsland - Locksmith Glamis - Locksmith Glasgow - Locksmith Glasgow (G58) - Locksmith Glasgow (G70) - Locksmith Glasgow (G79) - Locksmith Glastonbury - Locksmith Gleadless Valley - Locksmith Glenfarg - Locksmith Glenrothes - Locksmith Glogue - Locksmith Glossop - Locksmith Gloucester - Locksmith Godalming - Locksmith Godstone - Locksmith Golborne - Locksmith Golders Green - Locksmith Goodwick - Locksmith Goole - Locksmith Gordon - Locksmith Gorebridge - Locksmith Goring - Locksmith Gornal - Locksmith Gornal Wood - Locksmith Gosforth - Locksmith Gosport - Locksmith Goudhurst - Locksmith Gourock - Locksmith Govan (G51) - Locksmith Grange-over-Sands - Locksmith Grangemouth - Locksmith Grantham - Locksmith Gravesend - Locksmith Grays - Locksmith Great Barr - Locksmith Great Barr, B43 - Locksmith Great Barr, B44 - Locksmith Great Bookham - Locksmith Great Bridge - Locksmith Great Linford - Locksmith Great Missenden - Locksmith Great Torrington - Locksmith Great Wyrle - Locksmith Great Yarmouth - Locksmith Great-Barr - Locksmith Greenford - Locksmith Greengate - Locksmith Greenhead - Locksmith Greenhithe - Locksmith Greenock - Locksmith Greenwich - Locksmith Grimesthorpe - Locksmith Grimsby - Locksmith Guardbridge - Locksmith Guildford - Locksmith Guisborough - Locksmith Guiseley - Locksmith Gullane - Locksmith Gunnersbury -
Locksmith Hackney - Locksmith Haddington - Locksmith Hadleigh - Locksmith Hadlow - Locksmith Hagley - Locksmith Hailsham - Locksmith Halesowen - Locksmith Halesworth - Locksmith Halewood - Locksmith Halifax - Locksmith Halifax (HX) - Locksmith Hall Green, B28 - Locksmith Halstead - Locksmith Haltwhistle - Locksmith Hamble - Locksmith Hamilton - Locksmith Hammersmith - Locksmith Hampden Park - Locksmith Hampstead - Locksmith Hampton - Locksmith Hampton In Arden - Locksmith Hampton-in-Arden - Locksmith Hamstead - Locksmith Hamstead, B43 - Locksmith Hamworthy - Locksmith Handsworth - Locksmith Handsworth Wood - Locksmith Handsworth, S13 - Locksmith Hanham - Locksmith Hanley - Locksmith Hanslope - Locksmith Hanwell - Locksmith Harborne - Locksmith Harbury - Locksmith Hardwicke - Locksmith Harlesden - Locksmith Harleston - Locksmith Harlow - Locksmith Harpenden - Locksmith Harpur - Locksmith Harrogate - Locksmith Harrow - Locksmith Harrow on the Hill - Locksmith Harrow Weald - Locksmith Hartfield - Locksmith Hartlepool - Locksmith Harwich - Locksmith Hasland - Locksmith Haslemere - Locksmith Haslingden - Locksmith Hassocks - Locksmith Hastings - Locksmith Hatfield - Locksmith Havant - Locksmith Haverfordwest - Locksmith Haverhill - Locksmith Hawick - Locksmith Hawkesley - Locksmith Hawkhurst - Locksmith Haydock - Locksmith Hayes - Locksmith Hayle - Locksmith Hayling Island - Locksmith Haywards Heath - Locksmith Hazel Grove - Locksmith Headcorn - Locksmith Heald Green - Locksmith Heanor - Locksmith Heath Hays - Locksmith Heathfield - Locksmith Heathrow (TW6) - Locksmith Heaton - Locksmith Heavitree - Locksmith Hebburn - Locksmith Hebden Bridge - Locksmith Heckmondwike - Locksmith Hedge End - Locksmith Hednesford - Locksmith Heeley - Locksmith Helensburgh - Locksmith Helmshore - Locksmith Helston - Locksmith Hemel Hempstead - Locksmith Henbury - Locksmith Hendon - Locksmith Henfield - Locksmith Hengoed - Locksmith Hengrove - Locksmith Henley on Thames - Locksmith Henley-in-Arden - Locksmith Henlow - Locksmith Hereford - Locksmith Heriot - Locksmith Herne Bay - Locksmith Herne Hill - Locksmith Hertford - Locksmith Hertfordshire - Locksmith Hesket Newmarket - Locksmith Hessle - Locksmith Heston - Locksmith Hexham - Locksmith Heysham - Locksmith Heywood - Locksmith High Peak - Locksmith High Wycombe - Locksmith Highbridge - Locksmith Highbury - Locksmith Highcliffe - Locksmith Highgate - Locksmith Highley - Locksmith Hillsborough - Locksmith Himley - Locksmith Hinckley - Locksmith Hindhead - Locksmith Hindley - Locksmith Hinton St George - Locksmith Histon - Locksmith Histon (CB24) - Locksmith Hitchin - Locksmith Hockley - Locksmith Hockley Heath - Locksmith Hoddesdon - Locksmith Holloway - Locksmith Holmes Chapel - Locksmith Holmfirth - Locksmith Holmrook - Locksmith Holsworthy - Locksmith Holt - Locksmith Holywell - Locksmith Homerton - Locksmith Honiton - Locksmith Hook - Locksmith Hook (SO31) - Locksmith Hope Valley - Locksmith Horncastle - Locksmith Hornchurch - Locksmith Hornsea - Locksmith Hornsey - Locksmith Horsforth - Locksmith Horsham - Locksmith Horsmonden - Locksmith Horton Heath - Locksmith Houghton le Spring - Locksmith Hounslow - Locksmith Hove - Locksmith Hucknall - Locksmith Huddersfield - Locksmith Hull - Locksmith Hulme - Locksmith Humbie - Locksmith Hungerford - Locksmith Hunslet - Locksmith Hunters Bar - Locksmith Huntingdon - Locksmith Huntly - Locksmith Hurlford - Locksmith Hyde - Locksmith Hythe -
Locksmith Ilford - Locksmith Ilfracombe - Locksmith Ilkeston - Locksmith Ilkley - Locksmith Ilminster - Locksmith Immingham - Locksmith Impington - Locksmith Inchture - Locksmith Ingatestone - Locksmith Ingleby Barwick - Locksmith Innerleithen - Locksmith Insch - Locksmith Inverurie - Locksmith Ipswich - Locksmith Irlam - Locksmith Irvine - Locksmith Isle Of Cumbrae - Locksmith Isle of Portland - Locksmith Isle of Wight - Locksmith Isleham - Locksmith Isles Of Scilly - Locksmith Isleworth - Locksmith Islington - Locksmith Iver - Locksmith Ivybridge -
Locksmith Jarrow - Locksmith Jedburgh - Locksmith Jesmond - Locksmith Jewellery Quarter - Locksmith Johnstone -
Locksmith Keighley - Locksmith Keighley (BD) - Locksmith Keith - Locksmith Kelham Island - Locksmith Kelso - Locksmith Kempshott - Locksmith Kemptown - Locksmith Kendal - Locksmith Kenilworth - Locksmith Kenley - Locksmith Kennington - Locksmith Kensal Green - Locksmith Kensington - Locksmith Kentish Town - Locksmith Kenton (HA3) - Locksmith Kesgrave - Locksmith Keswick - Locksmith Kettering - Locksmith Keynsham - Locksmith Kidderminster - Locksmith Kidlington - Locksmith Kidsgrove - Locksmith Kidwelly - Locksmith Kilbirnie - Locksmith Kilburn - Locksmith Kilgetty - Locksmith Killamarsh - Locksmith Killin - Locksmith Kilmacolm - Locksmith Kilmany - Locksmith Kilmarnock - Locksmith Kilsyth - Locksmith Kilwinning - Locksmith Kimberley - Locksmith Kinghurst - Locksmith Kings Heath - Locksmith Kings Langley - Locksmith Kings Lynn - Locksmith Kings Norton - Locksmith Kings Sutton - Locksmith Kingsbarns - Locksmith Kingsbridge - Locksmith Kingsbury - Locksmith Kingsbury (B78) - Locksmith Kingsdown - Locksmith Kingshurst - Locksmith Kingskerswell - Locksmith Kingstanding - Locksmith Kingsteignton - Locksmith Kingston upon Thames - Locksmith Kingswells - Locksmith Kingswinford - Locksmith Kington - Locksmith Kinross - Locksmith Kinson - Locksmith Kinver - Locksmith Kirkby - Locksmith Kirkby Stephen - Locksmith Kirkby-in-Furness - Locksmith Kirkcaldy - Locksmith Kirkdale - Locksmith Kirkliston - Locksmith Kirkmuirhill - Locksmith Kirknewton - Locksmith Kirkstall - Locksmith Kirkton - Locksmith Kirkwall - Locksmith Kirriemuir - Locksmith Kitts Green - Locksmith Knaresborough - Locksmith Knebworth - Locksmith Knighton - Locksmith Knightsbridge - Locksmith Knottingley - Locksmith Knowle - Locksmith Knutsford -
Locksmith Ladybank - Locksmith Ladywood - Locksmith Lambeth - Locksmith Lampeter - Locksmith Lanark - Locksmith Lanarkshire - Locksmith Lancaster - Locksmith Lancing - Locksmith Langley - Locksmith Langney - Locksmith Langport - Locksmith Larbert - Locksmith Largs - Locksmith Larkhall - Locksmith Larling - Locksmith Lasswade - Locksmith Lauder - Locksmith Laugharne - Locksmith Launceston - Locksmith Laurencekirk - Locksmith Leamington Spa - Locksmith Leamington Spa (CV31) - Locksmith Leamington Spa (CV32) - Locksmith Leatherhead - Locksmith Ledbury - Locksmith Lee - Locksmith Lee Bank - Locksmith Lee Marston - Locksmith Lee-on-the-solent - Locksmith Leeds - Locksmith Leek - Locksmith Leicester - Locksmith Leigh - Locksmith Leigh-on-sea - Locksmith Leighton - Locksmith Leighton Buzzard - Locksmith Leiston - Locksmith Lemington - Locksmith Leominster - Locksmith Lesmahagow - Locksmith Letchworth - Locksmith Leven - Locksmith Levenshulme - Locksmith Lewes - Locksmith Leyland - Locksmith Leyton - Locksmith Leytonstone - Locksmith Lichfield - Locksmith Lifton - Locksmith Lightwater - Locksmith Lincoln - Locksmith Lingfield - Locksmith Linlithgow - Locksmith Linton on Swale - Locksmith Liphook - Locksmith Liskeard - Locksmith Liss - Locksmith Little Aston - Locksmith Little Bloxwich - Locksmith Little Hulton - Locksmith Little Venice - Locksmith Littleborough - Locksmith Littledown - Locksmith Littlehampton - Locksmith Liverpool - Locksmith Liversedge - Locksmith Livingston - Locksmith Llanarth - Locksmith Llanbrynmair - Locksmith Llandeilo - Locksmith Llandrindod Wells - Locksmith Llandudno - Locksmith Llandudno Junction - Locksmith Llandysul - Locksmith Llanelli - Locksmith Llanfechain - Locksmith Llanfyrnach - Locksmith Llangadog - Locksmith Llanidloes - Locksmith Llantwit Major - Locksmith Llanybydder - Locksmith Llwyngwril - Locksmith Loanhead - Locksmith Lochearnhead - Locksmith Lochee - Locksmith Lochgelly - Locksmith Lochwinnoch - Locksmith Locks Heath - Locksmith Loftus - Locksmith Logie - Locksmith London - Locksmith London North - Locksmith London South East - Locksmith Long Ashton - Locksmith Long Eaton - Locksmith Long Lawford - Locksmith Long Sutton - Locksmith Longbridge - Locksmith Longfield - Locksmith Longhope - Locksmith Longniddry - Locksmith Longsight - Locksmith Longton - Locksmith Longtown - Locksmith Looe - Locksmith Lostwithiel - Locksmith Loughborough - Locksmith Loughton - Locksmith Louth - Locksmith Lower Penn - Locksmith Lowestoft - Locksmith Lozells - Locksmith Ludlow - Locksmith Luton - Locksmith Lutterworth - Locksmith Lye - Locksmith Lyme Regis - Locksmith Lymington - Locksmith Lymm - Locksmith Lyndhurst - Locksmith Lytham Saint Annes -
Locksmith Mablethorpe - Locksmith Macclesfield - Locksmith Macduff - Locksmith Machynlleth - Locksmith Maesteg - Locksmith Magor - Locksmith Maida Hill - Locksmith Maida Vale - Locksmith Maidenhead - Locksmith Maidstone - Locksmith Maindee - Locksmith Maldon - Locksmith Malmesbury - Locksmith Malpas - Locksmith Malpas (NP20) - Locksmith Malton - Locksmith Malvern - Locksmith Manchester - Locksmith Manchester (M90) - Locksmith Manningtree - Locksmith Manor Park - Locksmith Mansfield - Locksmith Mapperley - Locksmith Marazion - Locksmith March - Locksmith Marden - Locksmith Margate - Locksmith Market Deeping - Locksmith Market Drayton - Locksmith Market Harborough - Locksmith Market Rasen - Locksmith Market Weighton - Locksmith Markyate - Locksmith Marlborough - Locksmith Marlow - Locksmith Marston Green - Locksmith Martlesham - Locksmith Martock - Locksmith Marylebone - Locksmith Maryport - Locksmith Matlock - Locksmith Mauchline - Locksmith Mayfair - Locksmith Mayfield - Locksmith Meadowhall - Locksmith Medway - Locksmith Meigle - Locksmith Meir - Locksmith Melksham - Locksmith Melrose - Locksmith Melton - Locksmith Melton Constable - Locksmith Melton Mowbray - Locksmith Menstrie - Locksmith Menzieshill - Locksmith Mere Green - Locksmith Merriott - Locksmith Merthyr Tydfil - Locksmith Mexborough - Locksmith Midanbury - Locksmith Middlesbrough - Locksmith Middleton - Locksmith Middleton Cheney - Locksmith Middlewich - Locksmith Midhurst - Locksmith Midlothian - Locksmith Milford Haven - Locksmith Milford on Sea - Locksmith Mill Hill - Locksmith Millington - Locksmith Millom - Locksmith Milltimber - Locksmith Milnthorpe - Locksmith Milton Keynes - Locksmith Milton-Keynes - Locksmith Minehead - Locksmith Minworth - Locksmith Mirfield - Locksmith Mitcham - Locksmith Mold - Locksmith Monifieth - Locksmith Monks Kirby - Locksmith Monkseaton - Locksmith Monmouth - Locksmith Montacute - Locksmith Montgomery - Locksmith Montrose - Locksmith Moodiesburn - Locksmith Moor Row - Locksmith Moordown - Locksmith Moortown - Locksmith Morden - Locksmith Morecambe - Locksmith Moreton-in-Marsh - Locksmith Morley - Locksmith Morpeth - Locksmith Morpeth (NE65) - Locksmith Mortlake - Locksmith Mosborough - Locksmith Moseley - Locksmith Moss Side - Locksmith Moston - Locksmith Motherwell - Locksmith Mountain Ash - Locksmith Moxley - Locksmith Much Hadham - Locksmith Much Wenlock - Locksmith Mudeford - Locksmith Musselburgh - Locksmith Muswell Hill -
Locksmith Nailsea - Locksmith Nailsea And Backwell - Locksmith Nantwich - Locksmith Narberth - Locksmith Neasden - Locksmith Neath - Locksmith Nechells - Locksmith Nelson - Locksmith Nenthead - Locksmith Neston - Locksmith Nether Edge - Locksmith Netherley - Locksmith Netherton - Locksmith Netley Abbey - Locksmith Nettleham - Locksmith New Basford - Locksmith New Cross - Locksmith New Forest - Locksmith New Malden - Locksmith New Mills - Locksmith New Milton - Locksmith New Oscott - Locksmith New Romney - Locksmith New Southgate - Locksmith New Stevenston - Locksmith New Tredegar - Locksmith Newark - Locksmith Newark-on-Trent - Locksmith Newarthill - Locksmith Newbiggin-by-the-sea - Locksmith Newbridge - Locksmith Newbridge (NP11) - Locksmith Newburgh - Locksmith Newbury - Locksmith Newcastle - Locksmith Newcastle (NE) - Locksmith Newcastle Emlyn - Locksmith Newcastle under Lyme - Locksmith Newcastle upon Tyne - Locksmith Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Locksmith Newham - Locksmith Newhaven - Locksmith Newmains - Locksmith Newmarket - Locksmith Newmilns - Locksmith Newport - Locksmith Newport (nr Stafford) - Locksmith Newport (SA42) - Locksmith Newport Pagnell - Locksmith Newport-on-Tay - Locksmith Newquay - Locksmith Newton Abbot - Locksmith Newton Aycliffe - Locksmith Newton Heath - Locksmith Newton Mearns (G77) - Locksmith Newton-le-willows - Locksmith Newtown - Locksmith Newtyle - Locksmith Nine Elms - Locksmith Ninewells - Locksmith Norden - Locksmith Normanton - Locksmith North Baddesley - Locksmith North Berwick - Locksmith North Ferriby - Locksmith North Finchley - Locksmith North Harrow - Locksmith North Kensington - Locksmith North London - Locksmith North Shields - Locksmith North Walsham - Locksmith North Wembley - Locksmith North-London - Locksmith Northallerton - Locksmith Northampton - Locksmith Northfield, B31 - Locksmith Northfields - Locksmith Northolt - Locksmith Northstowe - Locksmith Northwich - Locksmith Northwick Park - Locksmith Northwood - Locksmith Norwich - Locksmith Notting Hill - Locksmith Nottingham - Locksmith Nuneaton -
Locksmith Oadby - Locksmith Oakham - Locksmith Odiham - Locksmith Offley - Locksmith Okehampton - Locksmith Old Oscott - Locksmith Old Stratford (MK19) - Locksmith Old Trafford - Locksmith Oldbury - Locksmith Oldham - Locksmith Oldswinford - Locksmith Olney - Locksmith Olton - Locksmith Olympic Park - Locksmith Ongar - Locksmith Ormiston - Locksmith Ormskirk - Locksmith Orpington - Locksmith Ossett - Locksmith Oswestry - Locksmith Otley - Locksmith Otterburn - Locksmith Ottery St Mary - Locksmith Oxford - Locksmith Oxley - Locksmith Oxted -
Locksmith Paddington - Locksmith Paddock Wood - Locksmith Padstow - Locksmith Paignton - Locksmith Paisley - Locksmith Palmers Green - Locksmith Par - Locksmith Parbold - Locksmith Park Gate (SO31) - Locksmith Parkstone - Locksmith Partington - Locksmith Pathhead - Locksmith Pattingham - Locksmith Peacehaven - Locksmith Peckham - Locksmith Pedmore - Locksmith Peebles - Locksmith Pelsall - Locksmith Pembroke - Locksmith Pembrokeshire - Locksmith Pembury - Locksmith Pencader - Locksmith Pendeford - Locksmith Penicuik - Locksmith Penistone - Locksmith Penkridge - Locksmith Penn - Locksmith Penn, WV4 - Locksmith Pennington - Locksmith Penrith - Locksmith Penryn - Locksmith Penton - Locksmith Pentre - Locksmith Penzance - Locksmith Perranporth - Locksmith Perry Barr - Locksmith Perry Common - Locksmith Perry-Barr - Locksmith Pershore - Locksmith Perth - Locksmith Perton - Locksmith Peterborough - Locksmith Peterculter - Locksmith Peterhead - Locksmith Peterlee - Locksmith Petersfield - Locksmith Petersham - Locksmith Petworth - Locksmith Pevensey - Locksmith Pewsey - Locksmith Pickering - Locksmith Pimlico - Locksmith Pinner - Locksmith Pitkerro - Locksmith Plaistow - Locksmith Pleck - Locksmith Plymouth - Locksmith Plympton - Locksmith Pocklington - Locksmith Pokesdown - Locksmith Polegate - Locksmith Pontardawe - Locksmith Pontarddulais - Locksmith Pontefract - Locksmith Ponteland - Locksmith Pontllanfraith - Locksmith Pontnewydd - Locksmith Pontyclun - Locksmith Pontypool - Locksmith Pontypridd - Locksmith Poole - Locksmith Poplar - Locksmith Popley - Locksmith Port Glasgow - Locksmith Port Isaac - Locksmith Port Talbot - Locksmith Portchester - Locksmith Porth - Locksmith Porthcawl - Locksmith Portishead - Locksmith Portslade - Locksmith Portsmouth - Locksmith Potters Bar - Locksmith Potton - Locksmith Poulner - Locksmith Poulton Le Fylde - Locksmith Poynings - Locksmith Poynton - Locksmith Prenton - Locksmith Prescot - Locksmith Prestatyn - Locksmith Presteigne - Locksmith Preston - Locksmith Preston (HA9) - Locksmith Prestwich - Locksmith Prestwick - Locksmith Primrose Hill - Locksmith Princes Risborough - Locksmith Princethorpe - Locksmith Prudhoe - Locksmith Puddletown - Locksmith Pudsey - Locksmith Pulborough - Locksmith Purfleet - Locksmith Purley - Locksmith Putney - Locksmith Pwllheli - Locksmith Pyle -
Locksmith Quatt - Locksmith Queenborough - Locksmith Queensbury - Locksmith Quinton -
Locksmith Radcliffe - Locksmith Radford Semele - Locksmith Radlett - Locksmith Radstock - Locksmith Rainham - Locksmith Rainworth - Locksmith Ramsbottom - Locksmith Ramsgate - Locksmith Ratby - Locksmith Rattray - Locksmith Ravenglass - Locksmith Rawtenstall - Locksmith Rayleigh - Locksmith Raynes Park - Locksmith Reading - Locksmith Redbourn - Locksmith Redbridge - Locksmith Redcar - Locksmith Redditch - Locksmith Redhill - Locksmith Rednal - Locksmith Redruth - Locksmith Reigate - Locksmith Rendlesham - Locksmith Renfrew - Locksmith Renishaw - Locksmith Retford - Locksmith Rhayader - Locksmith Rhos - Locksmith Rhyl - Locksmith Richmond - Locksmith Richmond (DL10) - Locksmith Richmond (DL11) - Locksmith Rickmansworth - Locksmith Riding Mill - Locksmith Ringwood - Locksmith Ripley - Locksmith Ripon - Locksmith Risca - Locksmith Robertsbridge - Locksmith Rochdale - Locksmith Rochester - Locksmith Rochford - Locksmith Roehampton - Locksmith Rogerstone - Locksmith Romford - Locksmith Romney Marsh - Locksmith Romsey - Locksmith Rosewell - Locksmith Roslin - Locksmith Ross on wye - Locksmith Rossendale - Locksmith Rotherham - Locksmith Rotherhithe - Locksmith Rothwell - Locksmith Rottingdean - Locksmith Roundhay - Locksmith Rowlands Castle - Locksmith Rowlands Gill - Locksmith Rowley Regis - Locksmith Royal Wootton Bassett - Locksmith Roydon - Locksmith Royston - Locksmith Royton - Locksmith Rubery - Locksmith Ruddington - Locksmith Rugby - Locksmith Rugeley - Locksmith Ruislip - Locksmith Runcorn - Locksmith Rushall - Locksmith Rushden - Locksmith Rutherglen - Locksmith Ruthin - Locksmith Ryde - Locksmith Rye - Locksmith Ryton -
Locksmith Saddleworth - Locksmith Saffron Walden - Locksmith Salcombe - Locksmith Sale - Locksmith Salford - Locksmith Salisbury - Locksmith Saltash - Locksmith Saltburn-by-the-sea - Locksmith Saltcoats - Locksmith Saltley - Locksmith Sandbach - Locksmith Sandbanks - Locksmith Sandhurst - Locksmith Sandown - Locksmith Sandwich - Locksmith Sandy - Locksmith Sanquhar - Locksmith Sarisbury Green - Locksmith Saundersfoot - Locksmith Sawbridgeworth - Locksmith Saxmundham - Locksmith Scarborough - Locksmith Scotland - Locksmith Scraptoft - Locksmith Scunthorpe - Locksmith Seacroft - Locksmith Seaford - Locksmith Seaforth - Locksmith Seaham - Locksmith Seahouses - Locksmith Seascale - Locksmith Seaton - Locksmith Seaview - Locksmith Sedbergh - Locksmith Sedgefield - Locksmith Sedgley - Locksmith Sefton - Locksmith Sefton Park - Locksmith Selby - Locksmith Selkirk - Locksmith Selly Oak - Locksmith Selly Park - Locksmith Selly-Oak - Locksmith Settle - Locksmith Sevenoaks - Locksmith Shaftesbury - Locksmith Shanklin - Locksmith Shard End - Locksmith Shaw (OL2) - Locksmith Sheerness - Locksmith Sheffield - Locksmith Shefford - Locksmith Sheldon, B26 - Locksmith Shelfield - Locksmith Shenley - Locksmith Shenley Brook End - Locksmith Shepherds Bush - Locksmith Shepperton - Locksmith Shepton Mallet - Locksmith Sherborne - Locksmith Sheringham - Locksmith Shifnal - Locksmith Shildon - Locksmith Shipley - Locksmith Shipston on Stour - Locksmith Shiremoor - Locksmith Shirley - Locksmith Sholing - Locksmith Shoreham by Sea - Locksmith Shoreham-by-sea - Locksmith Shotts - Locksmith Shrewsbury - Locksmith Sidcup - Locksmith Sidmouth - Locksmith Silloth - Locksmith Silverstone - Locksmith Sittingbourne - Locksmith Skegness - Locksmith Skelmorlie - Locksmith Skelton-in-Cleveland - Locksmith Skewsby - Locksmith Skipton - Locksmith Slaggyford - Locksmith Sleaford - Locksmith Slough - Locksmith Small Heath - Locksmith Smethwick - Locksmith Snodland - Locksmith Soham - Locksmith Soho - Locksmith Solihull - Locksmith Somerset - Locksmith Somerton - Locksmith South Birmingham - Locksmith South Brent - Locksmith South Croydon - Locksmith South Harrow - Locksmith South London - Locksmith South Molton - Locksmith South Norwood - Locksmith South Ockendon - Locksmith South Oxhey - Locksmith South Petherton - Locksmith South Queensferry - Locksmith South Shields - Locksmith South Tottenham - Locksmith South West London - Locksmith South Woodford - Locksmith South Woodham Ferrers - Locksmith South Yardley - Locksmith South-Petherton - Locksmith Southall - Locksmith Southam - Locksmith Southampton - Locksmith Southbourne - Locksmith Southend-on-sea - Locksmith Southgate - Locksmith Southminster - Locksmith Southport - Locksmith Southsea - Locksmith Southwark - Locksmith Southwell - Locksmith Southwick - Locksmith Southwold - Locksmith Sowerby Bridge - Locksmith Spalding - Locksmith Sparkbrook - Locksmith Sparkhill - Locksmith Spennymoor - Locksmith Spilsby - Locksmith St Agnes - Locksmith St Albans - Locksmith St Andrews - Locksmith St Asaph - Locksmith St Austell - Locksmith St Bees - Locksmith St Clears - Locksmith St Columb - Locksmith St Helens - Locksmith St Ives - Locksmith St Ives (cambridgeshire) - Locksmith St Johns Wood - Locksmith St Julians (NP19) - Locksmith St Leonards-on-sea - Locksmith St Neots - Locksmith St-Albans - Locksmith St. Albans - Locksmith St. Austell - Locksmith Stacksteads - Locksmith Stafford - Locksmith Staines - Locksmith Stalybridge - Locksmith Stamford - Locksmith Stamfordham - Locksmith Standish - Locksmith Stanford-le-hope - Locksmith Stanley - Locksmith Stanmore - Locksmith Stannington (S6) - Locksmith Stansted - Locksmith Stantonbury - Locksmith Staplehurst - Locksmith Starcross - Locksmith Stechford - Locksmith Steeple Claydon - Locksmith Stepps - Locksmith Stevenage - Locksmith Stevenston - Locksmith Stewarton - Locksmith Steyning - Locksmith Stirchley - Locksmith Stirling - Locksmith Stobswell - Locksmith Stockbridge - Locksmith Stockport - Locksmith Stocksbridge - Locksmith Stocksfield - Locksmith Stockton on Tees - Locksmith Stockton-on-tees - Locksmith Stockwell - Locksmith Stoke Gabriel - Locksmith Stoke Gifford - Locksmith Stoke Newington - Locksmith Stoke on Trent - Locksmith Stoke sub Hamdon - Locksmith Stone - Locksmith Stonebridge - Locksmith Stonehaven - Locksmith Stonehouse - Locksmith Stoneycroft - Locksmith Stony Stratford - Locksmith Stourbridge - Locksmith Stourport On Severn - Locksmith Stourport-on-Severn - Locksmith Stourton - Locksmith Stow-on-the-Wold - Locksmith Stowmarket - Locksmith Stratford - Locksmith Stratford upon Avon - Locksmith Stratford-upon-avon - Locksmith Strathaven - Locksmith Strathdon - Locksmith Strathmiglo - Locksmith Strawberry Hill (TW2) - Locksmith Streatham - Locksmith Street - Locksmith Streetly - Locksmith Stretford - Locksmith Stretton-under-Fosse - Locksmith Strood - Locksmith Stroud - Locksmith Studley - Locksmith Sturminster Newton - Locksmith Sudbury - Locksmith Sudbury (HA0) - Locksmith Sudbury Hill - Locksmith Sunbury on Thames - Locksmith Sunderland - Locksmith Surbiton - Locksmith Sutton - Locksmith Sutton Ashfield - Locksmith Sutton Coldfield - Locksmith Sutton-Coldfield - Locksmith Sutton-in-ashfield - Locksmith SW Central London - Locksmith Swadlincote - Locksmith Swaffham - Locksmith Swanage - Locksmith Swanley - Locksmith Swanmore - Locksmith Swanscombe - Locksmith Swansea - Locksmith Sway - Locksmith Swindon - Locksmith Swinton - Locksmith Sydenham -
Locksmith Tadcaster - Locksmith Tadley - Locksmith Tadworth - Locksmith Talbot Village - Locksmith Talybont - Locksmith Tamworth - Locksmith Tarbolton - Locksmith Tarporley - Locksmith Taunton - Locksmith Tavistock - Locksmith Tayport - Locksmith Teddington - Locksmith Teignmouth - Locksmith Telford - Locksmith Templecombe - Locksmith Tenbury Wells - Locksmith Tenby - Locksmith Tenterden - Locksmith Tetbury - Locksmith Tetford - Locksmith Tettenhall - Locksmith Tewkesbury - Locksmith Thame - Locksmith Thames Ditton - Locksmith Thamesmead - Locksmith Thatcham - Locksmith The Hyde - Locksmith The Hyde (NW9) - Locksmith Thetford - Locksmith Thirsk - Locksmith Thorne - Locksmith Thornhill - Locksmith Thornton Cleveleys - Locksmith Thornton Heath - Locksmith Thorpe Hall - Locksmith Thurlaston (CV23) - Locksmith Tidworth - Locksmith Tilbury - Locksmith Tilehurst - Locksmith Tillicoultry - Locksmith Tintagel - Locksmith Tipton - Locksmith Titchfield - Locksmith Tiverton - Locksmith Todmorden - Locksmith Tokyngton - Locksmith Tonbridge - Locksmith Tonypandy - Locksmith Tooting - Locksmith Topsham - Locksmith Torbay - Locksmith Torpoint - Locksmith Torquay - Locksmith Torrington - Locksmith Totland Bay - Locksmith Totley - Locksmith Totnes - Locksmith Tottenham - Locksmith Totton - Locksmith Towcester - Locksmith Tower Hamlets - Locksmith Toxteth - Locksmith Trafford Park - Locksmith Tranent - Locksmith Trebanos - Locksmith Tredegar - Locksmith Tregaron - Locksmith Treharris - Locksmith Trentham - Locksmith Trimdon - Locksmith Tring - Locksmith Troon - Locksmith Trowbridge - Locksmith Truro - Locksmith Tuckton - Locksmith Tufton - Locksmith Tunbridge Wells - Locksmith Tunstall - Locksmith Turriff - Locksmith Twickenham - Locksmith Twyford - Locksmith Tyburn, B24 - Locksmith Tyldesley - Locksmith Tynemouth - Locksmith Tyseley - Locksmith Tywyn -
Locksmith Uckfield - Locksmith Uddingston - Locksmith Ulceby - Locksmith Ulverston - Locksmith Umberleigh - Locksmith Upminster - Locksmith Upper Edmonton - Locksmith Upper Holloway - Locksmith Upper Norwood - Locksmith Uppermill (OL3) - Locksmith Urmston - Locksmith Usk - Locksmith Uttoxeter - Locksmith Uxbridge -
Locksmith Vauxhall - Locksmith Ventnor - Locksmith Verwood - Locksmith Victoria Dock - Locksmith Virginia Water -
Locksmith Waddington - Locksmith Wadebridge - Locksmith Wadhurst - Locksmith Wakefield - Locksmith Walkden - Locksmith Walker - Locksmith Walkerburn - Locksmith Walkern - Locksmith Walkford - Locksmith Wallasey - Locksmith Wallingford - Locksmith Wallington - Locksmith Wallisdown - Locksmith Wallsend - Locksmith Walmley - Locksmith Walsall - Locksmith Walsall Wood - Locksmith Walsden - Locksmith Walsingham - Locksmith Waltham Abbey - Locksmith Waltham Cross - Locksmith Walthamstow - Locksmith Walton (MK7) - Locksmith Walton on Thames - Locksmith Walton On The Naze - Locksmith Walworth - Locksmith Wandsworth - Locksmith Wantage - Locksmith Ward End - Locksmith Ware - Locksmith Wareham - Locksmith Warlingham - Locksmith Warminster - Locksmith Warrington - Locksmith Warsash - Locksmith Warwick - Locksmith Warwick Bridge - Locksmith Washington - Locksmith Watchet - Locksmith Water Orton - Locksmith Wateringbury - Locksmith Waterlooville - Locksmith Watford - Locksmith Watlington - Locksmith Wavertree - Locksmith Wealdstone - Locksmith Wedmore - Locksmith Wednesbury - Locksmith Wednesfield - Locksmith Welling - Locksmith Wellingborough - Locksmith Wellington - Locksmith Wells - Locksmith Wells-next-the-sea - Locksmith Welshpool - Locksmith Welwyn - Locksmith Welwyn Garden City - Locksmith Wembley - Locksmith Wembley Central - Locksmith Wemyss Bay - Locksmith Weoley - Locksmith Werrington (ST9) - Locksmith West Bridgford - Locksmith West Brompton - Locksmith West Bromwich - Locksmith West Byfleet - Locksmith West Calder - Locksmith West Central London - Locksmith West Drayton - Locksmith West Ealing - Locksmith West Ham - Locksmith West Hampstead - Locksmith West Heath - Locksmith West Hendon - Locksmith West Kensington - Locksmith West Kilbride - Locksmith West Linton - Locksmith West London - Locksmith West Lothian - Locksmith West Malling - Locksmith West Midlands - Locksmith West Molesey - Locksmith West Norwood - Locksmith West Wickham - Locksmith Westbourne - Locksmith Westbourne (PO10) - Locksmith Westbury - Locksmith Westcliff-on-sea - Locksmith Westerham - Locksmith Westerhope - Locksmith Westhill - Locksmith Westhoughton - Locksmith Westminster - Locksmith Westmoors - Locksmith Weston-on-Trent - Locksmith Weston-super-Mare - Locksmith Wetheral - Locksmith Wetherby - Locksmith Weybridge - Locksmith Weymouth - Locksmith Whetstone - Locksmith Whickham - Locksmith Whippingham - Locksmith Whitburn - Locksmith Whitby - Locksmith Whitchurch - Locksmith White City - Locksmith Whitechapel - Locksmith Whitefield - Locksmith Whitehaven - Locksmith Whiteley - Locksmith Whitfield - Locksmith Whitland - Locksmith Whitley - Locksmith Whitley Bay - Locksmith Whitnash - Locksmith Whitton - Locksmith Wick - Locksmith Wickford - Locksmith Wickham - Locksmith Widnes - Locksmith Wigan - Locksmith Wigston - Locksmith Wigston Magna - Locksmith Wigton - Locksmith Willenhall - Locksmith Willesden - Locksmith Wilmslow - Locksmith Wimbledon - Locksmith Wimborne - Locksmith Wincanton - Locksmith Winchester - Locksmith Winchmore Hill - Locksmith Windermere - Locksmith Windlesham - Locksmith Windsor - Locksmith Wingate - Locksmith Winklebury - Locksmith Winkleigh - Locksmith Winscombe - Locksmith Winsford - Locksmith Winslow - Locksmith Winson Green - Locksmith Winterbourne - Locksmith Wirral - Locksmith Wisbech - Locksmith Wishaw - Locksmith Witham - Locksmith Withernsea - Locksmith Witney - Locksmith Witton - Locksmith Woking - Locksmith Wokingham - Locksmith Wollaton - Locksmith Wolverhampton - Locksmith Wolverley - Locksmith Wolverton - Locksmith Wombourne - Locksmith Wood Green - Locksmith Woodbridge - Locksmith Woodford - Locksmith Woodford Green - Locksmith Woodgate, B32 - Locksmith Woodhall Spa - Locksmith Woodingdean - Locksmith Woodley - Locksmith Woodseats - Locksmith Woodstock - Locksmith Wooler - Locksmith Woolston - Locksmith Woolwich - Locksmith Worcester - Locksmith Worcester Park - Locksmith Workington - Locksmith Worksop - Locksmith Wormit - Locksmith Worsley - Locksmith Worthing - Locksmith Wrexham - Locksmith Wrington - Locksmith Writtle - Locksmith Wylam - Locksmith Wylde Green - Locksmith Wymondham - Locksmith Wythall - Locksmith Wythenshawe -
Locksmith Yalding - Locksmith Yardley - Locksmith Yarm - Locksmith Yarmouth - Locksmith Yateley - Locksmith Yatton - Locksmith Yeadon - Locksmith Yelverton - Locksmith Yeovil - Locksmith Ynysddu - Locksmith York - Locksmith Ystalyfera - Locksmith Ystradgynlais -



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Terms of Business

1. Definitions:

1.1 Contract means the contract for the provision of the Services. Customer means the person or business as set out on the Job Sheet whose request for the Services is accepted by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd. Price means the total charge calculated in accordance with the rates or charges on the Job Sheet, or if no charge has been quoted then a reasonable charge, which excludes VAT where applicable unless otherwise stated in writing. Deposit means any deposit requested and/or taken for the provision of Services and/or Additional Work as set out on a Job Sheet. Additional Work means any additional Services that are detailed in a Job Sheet that are additionally required to be carried or a subsequent supply of Services at a later date. Services means the provision of services, along with any LockRite Locksmiths Ltd supplied Goods, as set out on the Job Sheet for the Price agreed. Goods means the physical goods, parts or materials supplied to the Customer for the Price agreed. Order means the details as set out on the Job Sheet. Completion and/or Completed means the time and/or date on which LockRite Locksmiths Ltd deems the provision of the Services completed. Terms means these terms and conditions for the supply of Services.

1.2 The headings in these Conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation.

1.3 The plural shall also mean the singular and the singular shall also mean the plural.

2. Payment and Prices:

2.1Payment is due in full on Completion unless prior written agreement to the contrary has been made by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd in writing. Any overdue payments are strictly subject to clause 2.6.

2.2 The Price due for the Services is as shown on the Order. LockRite Locksmiths Ltd reserves the right to apply a surcharge to the Price for any payment by credit or debit card, however any such surcharge payable will be notified to the Customer, by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd, before taking payment by card.

2.3 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd reserves the right to alter or withdraw estimates or quotations at its discretion due to errors and omissions by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd, typographical, clerical or other errors or omissions in any website or other paper documentation or information that may be issued by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall be subject to correction without any liability on the part of LockRite Locksmiths Ltd unless such correction fundamentally changes the Customer's obligations under the Contract to the Customer's detriment in which case the Customer shall be entitled to cancel the Contract within 7 days of notification by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd

2.4 Any quotation shall lapse after 7 days, unless stated otherwise in writing, and may be withdrawn at anytime prior to the Customer's acceptance

2.5 In some circumstances the Customer may be asked to pay a Deposit. If the Deposit is subsequently not made within the required time, LockRite Locksmiths Ltd reserves the right to cancel the Order. If the balance of the Price is not paid, or the Customer cancels the Contract otherwise than as permitted LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall be entitled to retain the Deposit.

2.6 If payment is not made in accordance with these Terms, LockRite Locksmiths Ltd, without prejudice to any rights of the Customer, understands and reserves the right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if LockRite Locksmiths Ltd is not paid according to the agreed Terms and the Customer shall additionally be liable to pay to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd all or any costs incurred in collection of outstanding moneys including Solicitor's fees and disbursements.

2.7 If LockRite Locksmiths Ltd has agreed with the Customer that the Price will be settled by a third party and LockRite Locksmiths Ltd does not receive payment in accordance with these Terms, the Customer shall remain liable at all times for payment of the Price and LockRite Locksmiths Ltd reserves the right to request immediate payment of the Price from the Customer. Any responsibility for recovering the Price from the third party will then be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

2.8 At any time before or during the supply of the Services as soon as it becomes aware at the same LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall give written notice to the Customer of any increase in the cost to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd necessitating an increase in the Price which is a result of any problems onsite which could not reasonably have been foreseen or discovered at the time the Contract was termed or any change in specification of the Services which are requested by the Customer or as a result of any delay caused by any instructions of the Customer or failure of the Customer to give LockRite Locksmiths Ltd adequate information or instructions.

2.9 If the Customer fails to do so, or provides LockRite Locksmiths Ltd with incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate information or instructions. LockRite Locksmiths Ltd reserves the right to cancel the Contract by giving written notice to the Customer, or to make an additional charge of a reasonable sum to cover any Additional Work that is required.

2.10 No contract exists between the Customer and LockRite Locksmiths Ltd for the supply of the Services until LockRite Locksmiths Ltd has received and accepted the Customers signed Order. Once LockRite Locksmiths Ltd does there is a binding legal contract between LockRite Locksmiths Ltd and the Customer.

2.11 If the Customer is not a business and is private Consumer who is acting for purposes which can be regarded as outside their trade or profession then the Contract is subject to the Customer's right of cancellation. Nothing in these Terms will affect any Statutory rights of a Consumer:-

2.11.1 To exercise the right of cancellation, the Customer must give written notice to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd by delivering, or sending (including by electronic mail) to the contact details provided on the Order before the end of the 7 day cooling-off period. The Job Sheet has a cancellation form that can be used however the Customer does not have to use this form.

2.11.2 If the Customer has given written agreement to receive the Services within the 7 day cooling-off period then the Customer will still have to pay for the Services already provided.

3. Performance and Liability:

3.1 Details of the Services are set out on the Order.

3.2 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall use its best endeavours to provide the Services to a standard generally accepted within the trade or industry to be of acceptable quality. LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's liability in respect of any defect or sub-standard workmanship shall be limited to making good by repair any Services that are shown to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's reasonable satisfaction to be defective or sub-standard or to refund the charge made by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd for the workmanship deemed to be sub-standard or defective. The sole decision as to whether the remedy shall be repair or refund will rest with LockRite Locksmiths Ltd.

3.3 The Customer will take all reasonable steps to comply with relevant health and safety legislation and other rules and regulations where the Services are to be performed at the Customer's premises.

3.4 The Customer will inform LockRite Locksmiths Ltd, in advance and/or at the initial time of contacting LockRite Locksmiths Ltd, of any potential hazards or precautions needed at the premises where the Services are to be performed. LockRite Locksmiths Ltd reserves the right to cancel the Order if, at its sole discretion, assesses at any time that there is a potential health and safety risk and this cannot be reasonably rectified or guarded against without additional time or cost to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd. If this has not been previously notified to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd by the Customer then the Customer shall be liable for any costs incurred by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd up to the time of frustration.

3.5 The Customer will obtain in advance permission for LockRite Locksmiths Ltd to enter any premises, work on or over party walls, fences, boundaries and suchlike belonging to third parties, where appropriate, and the Customer shall indemnify LockRite Locksmiths Ltd against any claims of whatsoever nature made by third parties arising out of LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's presence on or over their property except where such claims result directly from LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's negligence. The Customer shall be liable to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd for all loss or damage whether direct, indirect or consequentially suffered by us as a result of failure or delay by the Customer regarding the obligations referred to above.

3.6 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd may make any changes to the provision of the Services required to conform with safety requirements and / or legislation.

3.7 If the Services:-

3.7.1 include a gain entry request from the Customer then LockRite Locksmiths Ltd will use its reasonable efforts to gain entry using non destructive methods. However LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall not be liable to the Customer for any failure to do so, or for any damage necessary to gain entry to satisfy the Order and the full Price shall remain due from the Customer even if entry is successfully gained by destructive means;

3.7.2 are to be provided in response to a water leak stop request from the Customer then LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall not be liable to the Customer for any failure to stop any such leak, or for any damage caused by such a leak, or residual water that may have entered any hidden part of the structure, either before or after Completion.

3.8 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd may perform the Services in stages with each stage separately invoiced and paid for under the Contract.

3.9 The Customer acknowledges that painting and otherwise treating exposed or new surfaces resulting from the provision of the Services, including but not limited to any external timber parts is not part the Services, unless LockRite Locksmiths Ltd has agreed in writing to the contrary.

3.10 The Services by their very nature are often carried out in emergency, awkward, dirty or wet circumstances and in placing an order with LockRite Locksmiths Ltd for Services the Customer acknowledges, accepts the risk and agrees to not hold LockRite Locksmiths Ltd liable for any marking or damage that may occur in and around the area that the Services are to be performed as a direct consequence of the Services being supplied.

3.11 The Customer shall be responsible for the removal of spoil, waste, packaging or similar unless agreed by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd in writing.

3.12 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall have no liability to the Customer for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from any information or instructions supplied by the Customer which is, are or turn out to be incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate.

3.13 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall not be liable to the Customer for any unforeseeable loss or damages arising from the provision or non-provision of the Services, including loss of profit or consequential loss or damage.

3.14 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall not be responsible to the Customer for any delay in performance or non-performance due to Force Majeure (including but limited to act of God, war, terrorism, power failure or other cause beyond the reasonable control of LockRite Locksmiths Ltd).,LockRite Locksmiths Ltd will make all reasonable attempts to promptly, upon the occurrence of any such causes, inform the Customer, stating that such cause has delayed or prevented its performance hereunder and thereafter shall take action within its power to comply with the Contract as fully and promptly as possible.

3.15 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's liability in respect of any defect in the Services or shall be limited to making good by repair any Services that is shown to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's reasonable satisfaction to be defective or sub-standard or to refund the charge made by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd for the part of the Services deemed to be sub-standard or defective. The sole decision as to whether the remedy shall be repair or refund will rest with LockRite Locksmiths Ltd.

3.16 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd will attempt to keep to any stated or arranged commencement, completion, appointment, delivery, installation or other such date or time given, but will not be liable for any failure to do so or for the consequences of any delay. Any time or date given by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall be an estimate only and shall not be the essence of the Contract.

3.17 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd may perform any of its obligations or exercise any of its rights hereunder itself or through any other party (including its employees, agents or subcontractors) approved by it provided that any act or omission by such party shall be deemed to be LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's act or omission.

3.18 The Customer agrees to fully and effectively indemnify LockRite Locksmiths Ltd, its employees, agents or subcontractors against all claims losses costs, including without limitation reasonable professionals' costs, and expenses made against LockRite Locksmiths Ltd arising from any loss injury or damage suffered by the Customer or a third party arising out of the Customer's breach of any legal obligations, clause(s) of these Terms, the rights of any third parties and/or the Customer's use or re-sale of the Services.

3.19 Nothing in these Terms affects any liability for death or personal injury caused by the LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's negligence or for fraudulent misrepresentation

4. Warranties and Guarantee

4.1 The Guarantee is conditional on the Customer fully complying with it's obligations under the Terms of the Contract.

4.2 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd guarantees its Services, including any Goods that form part of the Services, supplied shall be free of defects for a period of 3 months from Completion subject to the following:-

4.2.1 The Customer shall inspect the Services as far as reasonably possible immediately on Completion or as soon as reasonably possible after. LockRite Locksmiths Ltd will endeavour to make any defects good immediately but where LockRite Locksmiths Ltd is unable to immediately make good then a return visit shall be arranged by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd as soon as reasonably possible. The sole decision as to whether the work is made good immediately or on a return visit shall rest with LockRite Locksmiths Ltd. Any defects that were not immediately apparent or where inspection of the Services was not possible shall be notified to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd in writing within 7 (seven) days of the Completion. If such notice is not given by the Customer then LockRite Locksmiths Ltd will conclusively presume that the Services are in accordance with the Contract and the Customer shall be deemed to have accepted the Services.

4.2.2 The guarantee shall not apply to any adjustment or otherwise of, including but not limited to doors, hinges, keeps or on repairs to existing parts. Additionally LockRite Locksmiths Ltd will not accept liability for old and/or faulty third party equipment and any associated faults or otherwise, including but not limited to warping and non-aligned doors or other reasons outside its direct control.

4.2.3 After the expiry of the initial guarantee period in clause 4.2, LockRite Locksmiths Ltd additionally extends the Goods guarantee to 12 months from Completion or such other guarantee LockRite Locksmiths Ltd may receive from the manufacturer of the Goods. This extended guarantee on the Goods does not include labour and further charges will apply if the Customer wants LockRite Locksmiths Ltd to provide labour in these circumstances. Goods are supplied with a guarantee that they are fit for the purpose for which they are manufactured to the reasonable satisfaction of the Customer provided they are used and maintained as instructed or recommended by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd and/or Manufacturer. LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's liability in respect of any defect in the Goods supplied or incorporated in the Services provided by it shall be limited to making good by repair or exchange or refund of the original Price of the Goods, at LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's sole discretion, any Goods which are shown to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's reasonable satisfaction to be defective under proper use and maintenance within any guarantee period: provided that such defective goods are promptly returned to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's address carriage paid, however LockRite Locksmiths Ltd may at its own option repair goods on the Customer's premises. Return carriage to the Customer on Goods repaired or exchanged under this Clause will be borne by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd. In the event of LockRite Locksmiths Ltd dispatching replacement Goods at the urgent request of the Customer prior to receiving the returned Goods, then LockRite Locksmiths Ltd reserves the right to make a full charge for such Goods and for carriage and handling if the returned goods are shown not to be defective in accordance with the provisions hereof.

4.3 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall be under no liability relating to the Services:-

4.3.1 if any defects that arise from fair wear and tear, abuse, the Customer's negligence, abnormal working, conditions, failure to follow LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's instructions misuse or alteration of the Services without LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's approval; and/or

4.3.2 if any defects in the Services that arise from a drawing, design or specification supplied by the Customer; and/or

4.3.3 if the Customer fails to comply with clause 4.2.1 above.

5. Property and Risk:

5.1 Risk of damage to, or loss of the Goods shall pass to the Customer upon the earlier of delivery of the Goods to the Customer's premises or installation of the Goods in accordance with the Order.

5.2 Notwithstanding delivery or notification of availability for collection and the passing of risk in the Goods or any provision of these Terms, property in the Goods shall not pass to the Customer until LockRite Locksmiths Ltd has received full payment of the Price of all Services for which payment is then due.

5.3 Until such time as the property in the Goods passes to the Customer, the Customer shall hold the Goods as LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's fiduciary agent and/or bailee and keep the Goods separate from those belonging to others, properly stored, protected, insured and clearly marked as LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's property.

5.4 Until property passes to the Customer LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall be entitled to require the Customer to deliver the Goods to it and on failure to do so, within 7 days of such notice of re-delivery from LockRite Locksmiths Ltd, the Customer irrevocably authorises LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's representatives to enter the premises on which the Goods are situated and remove the Goods at the Customer's expense.

5.5 The Customer shall not be entitled to charge by way of security, or similar, for any indebtedness any of the Goods which remain LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's property but if the Customer does so all monies owing to LockRite Locksmiths Ltd by the Customer shall, without prejudice to any other right or remedy of LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's, forthwith become due and payable.

6. Termination

6.1 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall be entitled without limitation to terminate the Contract or suspend, temporarily or indefinitely, any Additional Work under the Contract without any liability to the Customer and where the Services have been supplied but not paid for, the Price shall become immediately due and payable notwithstanding any previous agreement or arrangement to the contrary in any event that:-

6.1.1 the Customer ceases to, or threatens to cease to carry on business, makes any voluntary arrangement with its creditors, the Customer is placed into voluntary liquidation (other than voluntarily for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction) shall have a Winding Up Order made against it or if the Customer shall enter into any arrangement or composition with it's creditors or a moratorium put in place or if the Customer has an Administration Petition and/or Administration Order made and/or Administrator appointed or suffers a distress or execution to be levied on or a receiver appointed over any property used in connection with the Customer's Business, or being a Consumer, Partnership, Individual, firm or similar has a bankruptcy petition filed against it or becomes bankrupt;

6.1.2 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd reasonably believes that any of the Customer's actions may cause financial loss, legal liability or damage to the reputation of the Customer or LockRite Locksmiths Ltd or LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's directly related business partners, agents, sub-contractors, franchisor, licensor, franchisees, licencees or similar;

6.1.3 an encumbrancer takes possession or a receiver is appointed over any of the property or assets of the Customer;

6.1.4 the Customer breaches any one clause or more of these Terms and, where deemed remediable by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd, fails to remedy such breach within 7 days of a notice being given by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd to the Customer requiring such remedy;

6.1.5 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd reasonably suspects that the Customer has engaged in fraudulent or criminal activity relating to the Services;

6.1.6 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd reasonably believes that any of these events mentioned above is about to occur and notifies the Customer in writing of such.

7. General

7.1 These Terms together with the Order apply to the supply of the Services by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd. Any changes or additions to these Terms or the Order must be agreed in writing between the Customer and LockRite Locksmiths Ltd once the Order has been accepted by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd.

7.2 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd may change these Terms without notice to the Customer in relation to the provision of future Services and it is the Customer's sole responsibility to check the current Terms before ordering future Services.

7.3 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd shall supply the Services on these Terms to the exclusion of any other terms and conditions and any stipulations or conditions in a Customer's order which conflicts with or in any way negates these Terms shall be deemed to be inapplicable to the Contract unless expressly agreed to by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd in writing.

7.4 It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to ensure that the terms of the Customer's requirements, including but not limited to the relevant details in the Order, are complete and accurate.

7.5 LockRite Locksmiths Ltd will use the Customer's personal data for the purpose in relation to which the Customer has provided it. LockRite Locksmiths Ltd may however need to disclose personal data to a third party so that they can provide the Services requested, or to monitor the quality of the Services provided, or to fulfill a Subject Access Request, or to keep LockRite Locksmiths Ltd informed of offers or services LockRite Locksmiths Ltd believes may be of interest (unless the Customer has notified us otherwise). LockRite Locksmiths Ltd may additionally need to disclose information where there is a legitimate reason for disclosure (such as a court order) but LockRite Locksmiths Ltd will ensure that it always complies with any Data Protection or Privacy legislation in force. Any information about the Customer that LockRite Locksmiths Ltd may pass to a third party will be on the understanding that it is held securely by that party, in accordance with any Data Protection or Privacy legislation in force.

7.6 No failure of LockRite Locksmiths Ltd to exercise any power given to it or to insist upon the Customers strict compliance with any Terms of the Contract shall constitute any waiver of LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's rights.

7.7 It any provision of these Terms is held by any competent authority to be invalid and/or unenforceable in whole in part the validity of the other provisions of the Terms and the remainder of the Terms in question shall not be affected.

7.8 The Contract is between LockRite Locksmiths Ltd and the Customer and may be assigned by LockRite Locksmiths Ltd without the consent of or the need to give any notice to the Customer. The Customer shall not assign or otherwise transfer any rights, including without limitation benefits, or obligations that it may have under the Contract to any third party without LockRite Locksmiths Ltd's prior written consent.

7.9 Except as otherwise provided nothing in this Contract creates any right enforceable by any person or business not a party to it.

7.10 Any notice given hereunder must be given in writing, including by electronic mail and delivered to the residence, address or principle place of business of the party to whom it is addressed.

7.11 The Contract shall in all respects be construed and operate as a contract governed by English Law, shall be governed by the laws of England and subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts

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